Blocking Test for the Punch


I've discovered over the last several months that one of the most useful parts of my creative practice is to go to the space we're shooting at in advance of the shoot with an assistant and block out where the camera and each of the characters are so I can work through ideas for what the final composition will be. I then use the mockups from that blocking test to brainstorm possible set dressing ideas with the art department for what surfaces we need to fill, what objects we need to source, and how all of that will render on camera based on the  angle we'll see them at. It also helps my producers know how many extras we're going to need and the costume department know the color and lighting scheme of the space and how the clothes will lie or pull on the actors based on how they're positioned.

This is our only special effects makeup shot with a bloody nose following Phil falling to the ground after getting punched by an unseen assailant. Hopefully the final image we're shooting this weekend turns out as well as this one did.